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Nicotinamide-n-methyltransferase (nnmt), is a cytosolicenzyme with newly identified roles in cellularmetabolism and energy homeostasis. Studies indicatethat this enzyme slows down the process at which ourbodies metabolize fat cells. Most people have a hardtime losing weight. When this enzyme is elevated, theyhave a more challenging time trying to lose excesspounds of fat. The extra weight leads to an increase inthe nnmt enzyme, leading to slower fat metabolism, leading to excess weight gain. It is a vicious cycle. Research suggests a potent nnmt inhibitor “5-amino1mq” significantly reduced body weight and whiteadipose mass, decreased adipocyte size, and loweredplasma total cholesterol levels. These results supportthe development of small molecule nnmt inhibitors astherapeutics to reverse diet-induced obesity andvalidate nnmt as a viable target to treat obesity andrelated metabolic conditions.

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